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"We are the Youth, We are the Future" "Trying to shed light on America's dark man" -Scrilla


I’m so fucking proud of myself

Did some shit w my mob bro and my coastal bro.. From 843 to 803


New shit 🌊💰🔊 :

🔊💰🌊 Young Bosses Movement.. #Mob #TaskForce

IG : Scrilla843

Mob shit.. Lil Scrilla Home

Twitter: Scrilla843

Mob shit.. Money Mob (Lil Scrilla & Gb Corleone) - Cavs [Freestyle]

Mob shit.. Artist V - Legit

Twitter : @Artist_V

Mob shit.. Money Mob (Artist V & Lil Scrilla) - Let That Ride

Mob shitGB - The Wait is Over

Twitter : @youngkendrick

Tumblr : youngkendrick